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Investment Philosophy


Extraordinary Team and Winning Culture

The value our company provides ultimately stems from the people who make up our team. We make it a top priority to hire and train employees with a winning mentality who will perform at the highest level. Teamwork and discipline are at the forefront of the core set of values that are stressed.

Unprecedented Client Services

YOU, the customer, are always the top priority. Our plethora of services and resources as well as our extensive network will be utilized in providing “exceptional client services”. By focusing completely on your best interests we know that we will earn your trust which if of utmost importance to us.


Columbus Advisory Group is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We aim to employ the brightest and highest valued people to lead our firm. Our people are our most valuable asset and they come from all academic, ethnic, social backgrounds. At Columbus Advisory Group, we believe in a team oriented and friendly work environment.


Michael Murphy, is the CEO and President of Columbus Advisory Group. Mike has over 20 years experience in the Financial Service industry. His experiences include; managing an early stage venture capital fund, operating a long/short Hedge Fund, successfully growing a wealth management business, running a broker dealer, and working on various investment banking deals. He is also a weekly correspondent on the Fox Business Network commenting on equity market trends, global macro investment highlights, and politics.


At Columbus Advisory Group, we have one of the best active investor networks in the entire financial service industry. The Columbus Advisory Group network has experience investing in multiple verticals such as; startups, late stage investments, IPOs, private placements, social enterprises, entertainment, and real estate.