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Asset Management

The Columbus Advisory Group provides strategic investment management solutions to world class institutions and individual investors. Our goal is to help clients navigate markets and meet their evolving investment objectives.

What We Do: 

The Columbus Advisory Group provides sophisticated and advanced portfolio management strategies for our clients. We work hard to develop strategic investment solutions for our diverse investor base.

Who We Service: 

Our clients come from all over the world. They are institutions, companies, individuals, foundations, family offices, hedge funds, private equity funds, venture capital funds, pension funds.

Our Investment Strategy: 

Our professionals build client portfolios across a board range of asset classes. This includes; equities, fixed income, alternative investments, multi-asset class. Each portfolio is full customized to meet the complex demands of our clients.

What Services Do We Provide?

Portfolio and Investment Analytics Group: PIAG is responsible for building and analyzing investment strategies and portfolios for all clients. The activities of this group include financial modeling and portfolio analytics.

Risk Management Group: RMG is responsible for developing risk management and asset allocations services to all clients. The activities of this group include risk analysis and asset allocations modeling.

Investment Group: IG provides complex financial advisory services to all clients.

Business Development Group: BDG is responsible for client relationships, investor support, and portfolio presentations. They help develop different marketing strategies to drive new business opportunities.